Boomerang Meal Concept

A boomerang, in concept, is a tool designed to be thrown which eventually returns to the thrower.  I love using this concept in health and fitness when planning meals and when updating workout routines.  We keep effort and cost low by using the same meal components but we freshen it up each time it comes back around with different spices or by adding a side dish (or a different range of motion or resistance when it comes to exercise).

Wait… did someone say “Budget Friendly?”

Yep, sure did! When it comes to using the Boomerang Concept in meal planning it can be extremely time efficient and budget friendly.   Simply transform the leftovers into “do-overs” in minutes!  That’s right, with a little creativity and spunk we can keep things simple, reduce effort and save money while keeping good habits fresh!  Who wouldn’t want to ride on that train?  All aboard! 

Behold the Boomerang Meal Concept!

  1. Make a big meal and preserve leftovers. 
  2. Bring out some (or all) of the leftovers at the next meal.
  3. Add a new component, spice or side dish for a fresh take!


  • Throw away your notions about the kind of food you should make for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Eggs are perfectly wonderful in the evening and pizza can be doubly wonderful in the morning.
  • Pick a meal concept (or recipe) that has a lean protein and veggie component.  Make sure neither are heavily spiced so you can layer flavors and add new spices in the Boomerang phase.

Try it!

Boomerang Meal: All-The-Time-Crepes

Behold the Boomerang Meal Concept with 7 different meal ideas!

Download the FREE pdf below for step by step directions:

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