Deep Dive Tip #3

Think About Food Differently Hi Friends, the next chapter in our Live It Daily blog series is a Deep Dive on Tip #3 challenging you to Think About Food Differently. Let’s start by talking about how we think about food today.  When you hear the word, “food” what comes to mind?   What kind of emotionContinue reading “Deep Dive Tip #3”

Deep Dive: Tip #1

Get Your Head Right Hey All, my last blog, “5 Tips That’ll Thrust You Over the Start Line”, focused on 5 fairly meaty tips on how to get yourself over the start line in your quest to discovering your best health.  To be completely transparent with you, I struggled with keeping the message short forContinue reading “Deep Dive: Tip #1”

Get Started

Mark Twain said, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started”. I’ve started and stopped myself on so many goals so many times… but to be fair I’ve also been able to chart a course to a lofty goal and make it happen…. The key to reaching your goals vs. falling short has been exactly what Mark Twain professes. Get Started. Get started 17 different times if you have to…