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S2 007. Can You Be Happy and Healthy for the Holidays?

In a year when life has been as uncertain as its ever been, the hectic holidays are also closing in on us. We can definitely count on the usual disruptions that the holidays bring to our daily and weekly routines and now, many of us are bracing ourselves for disruptions in traditions. And at a time when our personal wellness needs to be at the top of its game, the coming weeks may feel like a lot to handle. If you’re anxious about what the holidays may mean to your personal wellness, wonder no more. This episode is jam packed with ways you can love the holidays while taking good care of yourself!

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S2 006. Are You Being Honest with Yourself?

Are you coming clean about all the reasons why you’re not following through on your new habits or why you can’t seem to ditch the old ones? The good news is that starting healthier habits isn’t totally about willpower. The real power is being completely honest with yourself on why you find yourself resisting those changes in your life. And, once you can do that, I’ve got 3 Game Changers that you can use to make finding Freedom in Healthy Living feel less restrictive, less depriving and void of guilt and shame! Listen in!!

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S2 004. How to Pick Your Next Best Habit

Are you ready to choose and implement the very next action towards living a healthier life? Then this episode is for you! We start with our long term wellness goals and break them down to daily shifts that we can make to get us there without deprivation, restriction or pain. Using James Clear’s 4 Laws of Habit Formation and my expertise in health and wellness, you can identify the next best shift to make in your life that will bring you closer towards Freedom in Healthy Living!

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S2 003. We’re Doing This!

We are SOOOOO doing this! We’re taking action in Finding Freedom in Healthy Living! As we start to Think About Our Body Differently (Practical Strategy 2) we no longer focus on a single outcome (like weighing a certain amount) but instead, shift our thoughts to focus on the daily efforts that will bring us closer to being the next version of ourselves! Learn how to find the exact right next step in shifting your habits so that the changes you make will have the biggest impact in your health and happiness!

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