S2 003. We’re Doing This!

Take action TODAY in Finding Freedom in Healthy Living! We refresh our memories on Practical Strategy 2 (Think About Your Body Differently and take action by committing to gather the right information to determine which areas of our lives would provide the biggest bang for the buck towards finding Our Best Health! Next week, we will make the most beneficial shifts that will create real change in our lives!

Additional Resources:

Listen to Season 1 Episode 8 – Are You Sleeping: https://liveitdaily.life/2020/07/31/008-are-your-sleeping/

Listen to Season 1 Episode 3 – Practical Strategy 3 Think About Your Body Differently: https://liveitdaily.life/2020/05/28/003-practical-strategy-2-think-about-your-body-differently/

***Today’s music also included: Dee Yan-Key (Sleeping Johannes) and Komiku (Action Epic) in addition to BJ Block & Dawn Pemberton (Just Be)

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