S2 001. Are You the Effort or the Outcome?

Welcome to the first official episode of Season 2! This episode focuses in on Practical Strategy 1: Think Differently. One of the tenants of PS1: Think Differently is that we spend less time and energy focused on a single goal and, instead, focus on the journey. It is the journey where we learn how to take pride in the daily activities that make us the amazing machines and kind souls that we are!! Tune into this episode to understand the value in depending less on straight up motivation to pull us through and instead gaining clarity on our desires, becoming more intentional about our wellness journey and how getting excited about the small wins in the moment can help us win the whole darn day!

Also, this podcast episode is the first episode to kick off this season’s Freedom in Healthy Living online program – the 30 day program is designed to jumpstart your efforts in creating a clear identity for yourself, identifying your health intentions and providing you with the education, tools and support to shift into healthier habits – ultimately empowering you to Ditch the Diet and Find Freedom in Healthy Living!

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