S1 004. Practical Strategy 3 – Think About Food Differently

In our quest of finding Freedom in Healthy Living this episode reveals Practical Strategy #3: Think About Food Differently. Simply put, Food is Fuel. It is the only thing that keeps our bodies going day to day (and remember from last episode, our bodies are working 24/7 to keep us performing at our best!). This episode asks you to think more deeply about food – consider it more than a celebratory indulgence or fodder for mindless munching and appreciate how feeding our bodies thoughtfully will allow us to experience our lives fully!

Show Notes:

Key Messages:

  1. Food is Fuel for our bodies, fuel for our mind, fuel for the goals we have in serving others and further developing ourselves.  Remember that we have control ove the food we put ito our bodies. 
  2. Focus on quality fuel to optimize output, think twice about how the processed, genetically modified, sugar laden (often convenience foods) affect your body, make you feel.
  3. Remove the decision at every meal by “pre-deciding”.  Give yourself a single answer ahead of time (and avoid the struggle at what would normally be decision time).  Saves time in the long run and more importantly, saves your brain energy from the process of having to cut away all other choices and land on a single option.  THIS IS KEY!!!

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