S1 003. Practical Strategy 2 – Think About Your Body Differently

Show Notes

  1. Ensure your WTF (initial wellness goal) and Personal ID Statement are in alignment.  Ideal state is that your WTF is a change to your actions or behavior that will bring you one step closer to becoming the “You” described in your ID Statement
    1. If they are not in alignment, take some time to adjust your WTF to be a change to your actions or behaviors that will being you one step closer to the next version of you described in your ID Statement.
  2. Practical Strategy #2: Think About Your Body Differently
    1. Your body does amazing things (like thousands of daily heartbeats, millions of annual breaths to manage trillions of cells) to keep your body in a steady, healthy state and to keep you alive.
    2. Your body is the only vessel that you will ever have that holds you.
    3. Your body is the only instrument you’ll ever have that allows you to experience this life while you are here on this earth.
    4. You are not at war with your body, you are a partner with it.  Think of the amazing things that can happen in your life if you join forces with your body, feed it right, move it right, rest it right and together you can do anything!
  3. Takeaway
    1. Reflect on how you might Think About Your Body Differently. 
    2. Looking at your WTF and our ID Statement, make a list of the things that you might like to adjust about your body to get you closer to your goals (we’ll take action on those things next week!!)

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