S1 001. Are You Ready?

Welcome to Live It Daily’s first Podcast episode, Freedom in Healthy Living – a practical series where YOU are the guest in every episode, every time!

Episode 001. Show Notes:

  • Live It Daily’s Approach to Finding Freedom in Healthy Living
    • Nix Fads
    • Start Small
    • Give Grace
  • The WTFs of Change
    • What, To what degree, For what purpose
  • What’s in Your Way?
    • Beware the Boulders…
  • Remove the Rocks
  • Answer…. Are You Ready?

Here are the links and templates to guide you in identifying your WTFs and answer the most important question, Are You Ready?

Link to Reference from James Clear: Theory of Continuous Improvement (a.k.a 1% Better Every Day)

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