Set a Routine

Take away the morning and nighttime decision making – you’re brain is either just waking up or completely exhausted from your day. Create routines and habits that allow you to shift into autopilot during the times of day when you are most fatigued.

Rule Your Mornings

  • Create a morning mantra or create an identity statement to start your day. Be clear on who you want to be and start your day with strong intentions.
  • Craft your Priorities being careful to commit to a smaller number and maintain focus throughout the day on the things that matter most.
  • Plan your meals so that you don’t find yourself staring aimlessly at the vending machine at magic hour. Pack your lunch the night before or grab leftovers from last night’s Yellow Curry Blueprint!
  • Plan your activities – both exercise and rest/recharge as non-negotiable parts of your day.

Templates to Help You Put Your Good Habits on Autopilot!

Once you set these steps in motion you’ll be amazed at how easily activities can become habit! Start today! Write them down and practice them! Here’s a handy routine example and template. Print a few for both your morning and evening routines.

Create Your Own Identity Statement

Want to create your own Identity Statement but not sure where to start? Let’s get together on a First Time Free Coach Call and do it together!

Single Session Coach Call

If you’ve already had a First Time Coach Call but want to continue with ad-hoc Coach Calls for personal accountability and ongoing wellness maintenance click HERE to schedule single time check-ins.

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