King Arthur’s Strawberry Almond Flour Cake

Whipped up this gluten free, reasonably modest dessert with some fresh picked strawberries from one of my amazing clients! Check the recipe here: ttps://

Live It Daily’s Keys to Deliciousness:

  • Grease pan with a thin layer of extra virgin coconut oil
  • Use extra fine baking sugar to dust the pan after smearing with coconut oil as this does 3 things:
    1. It guarantees the cake won’t stick,
    2. The coconut oil gives just a slight hint of tropical attitude that goes perfect with the almond cake and strawberries
    3. Using very fine sugar reduces the total amount of sugar used keeping “empty” calories to a minimum.

Classic baking steps of combining egg yolk/sugar mixture with almond flour/baking powder to create a firm dough and then slowly folding in whipped egg whites creates a lovely, fluffy batter that is hard to resist sneaking a taste before putting it into the properly prepared pan:

A relatively low-cal cake with a nice balance of fat/protein and carbohydrates. Be sure to add fresh fruit to keep calories low while adding beneficial nutritional elements like fiber, antioxidants and vitamins!

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