Deep Dive Tip #2

Think About Your Body Differently

Hi Friends, I’m back with a Deep Dive on Tip #2 – Think About Your Body Differently.  I gotta say, this just might be my favorite tip of the bunch!

In the very first blog, 5 Tips That’s Thrust You Over the Start Line, we were reminded of the amazing feats that our body performs automatically day in and day out.  Our brain is always buzzing, lungs breathing and heart-a-pumpin’.  When we look at or smell food our mouths begin to salivate, when we swallow food our body immediate starts the complex process of digestion.  When we start exercising our heart pumps oxygen-rich blood to our muscles faster and our lungs demand more frequent breaths in order to keep up.  And, when we lay down to sleep multiple systems within our body begin the ever important task of recovering and rebuilding from the day’s toll. 

In addition to our physical bodies, there’s also a spirit tucked in there too.  It also reacts to stimulus throughout the day without command.  We solve problems, show compassion, feel joy, feel pain, juggle our family calendars and manage stress with this portion of our being.  Without it, we’d be high-functioning machines held together by skin and bones. 

So imagine that you are the care-taker of these two organisms.  Step away from judging yourself  by looking in the mirror and look directly at a part of your body (seriously, do it right now).  Try looking at your hands, bend your fingers, look at the unique creases in your palms, notice the veins in your wrist as they meander up to your arms.  Touch your own skin, feel your muscles and your bones.  These are real, live systems that are counting on you to give them the fuel, hydration and rest they need to hold you up day after day. 

Ok, now, humor me for another second and do this next thing too.  It won’t hurt a bit, promise.  Sit quietly for a few seconds, close your eyes and say, “Hello” to yourself.  Sounds weird, I know, but have you noticed that we greet everybody else in our day but somehow forget to acknowledge ourselves?  And now, say this to yourself:  “I see you”.   Let yourself be still for a few moments and simply create an awareness that you are here.    Feels strange to recognize ourselves as an actual human being worthy of consideration.  But why not?  Everybody else does. 

As the wizard behind the curtain feverishly pushing the levers day after day, I think we forget that we are the caretaker of our body and spirit too.  Because we are with ourselves every minute of every day we take ourselves for granted (and forget to acknowledge every day that we matter).  We’ve rallied through sleepless nights, survived over-indulgent dinners and haven’t gained too much weight now that we’ve quit the club so even though we know it’s not a “healthy” lifestyle we aren’t compelled to change. 

But let me plead with you to think differently.  As you make choices tomorrow, think about the well-oiled machine that is your body.  Acknowledge the thinking, feeling spirit that is within you.   They are only as good as the fuel and compassion you provide to them.  Maybe you can find some time to give your body a 20-minute walk.  Perhaps you can be gentler with yourself when you make a mistake.  Or, possibly consider going to bed an hour earlier just this once as a simple, inexpensive indulgence that will reward you with a weary-free morning. 

You are an amazing machine.  You are worth caring for.  Think about your body and spirit differently by imagining you’re all on the same team, working together to find your best health and create your best life. 

As always, you can reach out to me via my website where you can learn more about Live It Daily and schedule a free wellness consultation to create individual, practical strategies towards your best health! 

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