Deep Dive: Tip #1

Get Your Head Right

Hey All, my last blog, “5 Tips That’ll Thrust You Over the Start Line”, focused on 5 fairly meaty tips on how to get yourself over the start line in your quest to discovering your best health.  To be completely transparent with you, I struggled with keeping the message short for each tip and after posting the tips my inner self got the best of me.  There’s so much more that needs to be shared that will help you all work through each of those tips.  So, I’m dedicating the next 5 blogs to dig deeper into each one of the 5 tips.  You’ll also notice that these concepts will be woven into the first few episodes of the Live It Daily Podcast.  Yep, you heard me… Live It Daily Podcasts are coming.  Hold on to your hats, folks, it’s going to get crazy up in here!  

For now, let’s get back to THIS show and deep dive into Tip #1:  Get Your Head Right.

As you suit up to begin your quest to discovering your best health, here are some things to ponder:

It never ends.  Let’s face it, discovering your best health is an everlasting journey.  I don’t know why we call it a journey because that would make one believe that there is a final destination.  As if one day we might wake up and say, “Whew, I made it. I’m at my best health!  I’m all done!”.   Nope, your best health is an ongoing, never-ending, life-changing series of miles with no end in sight.  The end of the road, is, well, whatever you believe to be at the end of this life.  Until then, you are wholly responsible for taking care of your body and mind day in and day out.

Your desire to discover your best health needs to be practical, realistic and attainable through a set of habits and behaviors that can be maintained over time.  The crash diets, fad exercises and restrictive principles of eliminating entire food groups from your diet (without a medical purpose) are not sustainable, usually expensive, generally unhealthy and just plain not fun.  Your best health is something you will pursue forever so be sure that your approach is one that you can live with.

You’re already on it.  There’s no getting around it, the sun rises and sets every day and we get to live in the hours in-between.  We don’t get to press pause, fast-forward or rewind.  Who you are, what you know, where you live, where you work, the people in your life and the status of your health are all compound results of the choices you’ve made over time.  While we have the good fortune to live between the sunsets we must honor the responsibility of making daily choices that shape our lives.  Consistent, purposeful actions can add up to great accomplishments and inconsistent, half-hearted motions can lead to disappointment.   We have innumerable opportunities to choose wellness every day from what we put into our bodies, how we move our bodies and how we rest our bodies.  There’s no need to delay making good choices for our best health when we likely have a few decisions we can make yet today to advance towards wellness?  You can start small by simply noticing opportunities where you might make healthier choices or you can live large and choose to act differently starting today.  You don’t have to revolutionize your life but you can choose water instead of soda, select an apple instead of chips and order a regular coffee with cinnamon instead of a mocha latte.  Yup, you can still go on breaks with your co-workers, eat at Panera and swing into Starbucks – just be mindful and choose goodness for your body.   Small steps can turn into miles!

Each new day demands that we make decisions that will shape our lives.  The decisions you make and the actions you take on a daily basis compound to create a person and lifestyle that is uniquely and wonderfully you.  Your best health is a result of these decisions and can be improved with small changes and big adjustments.  Commit to making one healthful decision at a time.  

You own it.   Your quest for your best health is nobody’s responsibility (and nobody’s business) but your own.  And I can hear everyone shouting “Darn right!” until something happens that throws us off course.  Then the reason we didn’t eat right, missed our workout or fell short on sleep is someone else’s fault.   C’mon friends, we are tougher than that.  Smarter than that. More resilient than that.  Aren’t we?  We can’t control everything that happens in our lives but we can control how we react to and recover from them.  Ok, so you had to take the cat to the vet and grab lunch on the run.  No biggie, opt for a turkey lettuce wrap from a sandwich shop or pick up broth-based soup at the grocery store deli rather than a Big Mac at McD’s. Overslept because your partner unplugged your alarm clock?  No worries, go for a walk later that night or schedule the same workout for the next day.  Don’t beat yourself up over it but don’t let it derail your progress either.  Do what you would do for anyone else in your life – be sympathetic, understanding and find a way to get back on track. 

Additionally, we can be so bold as to expect to be thrown off course in an attempt to combat the disruption (say whaaaat?).  Keep a few protein bars in your bag or desk drawer to tide you over on days when lunch isn’t an option.  Create a 30 minute at-home body weight workout you can do when the gym doesn’t happen.  Head to bed extra early or set a second alarm on days when you’re super stressed to avoid oversleeping.   You know the potential landmines in your life, expect the occasional explosion and expect the fall out.  But don’t retreat, please, please, please don’t retreat.  Keep fighting for yourself.  Own the catastrophe and own the rubbish.  Then sweep it up and keep going.

Don’t look at disruptions in your life as roadblocks and don’t allow them to become excuses for not taking good care of yourself.  Allowing hiccups to sabotage your progress only hurts you and you deserve better.  This leads to a much bigger topic (to be blogged and podded about soon) which is to show yourself the same support, kindness and compassion that you would show to others.  Self-care is not self-ish.

The premise behind Live It Daily is that to be our best, healthy selves we need to commit to making consistent, positive choices every day.  Change doesn’t happen overnight.  It happens when we stack healthful habits on top of each other.  Then, over time these daily efforts compound to produce a hearty return on our effort.  Choosing nutrient-dense, clean foods and moving our bodies regularly are great places to start! For more information on creating strategies for your best health or to schedule a consultation head on over to the Live It Daily Website. 

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