Lifestyle Coaching

Ditch The Diet and Find Freedom in Healthy Living!

Are You Drowning in Diet Defeats?

Are you pre-occupied with your physical appearance on a daily (or hourly) basis? Do you start your day with the scale and find the results wreaking havoc on your self-talk the rest of the day? Are you drowning in diet defeats and can’t find a way out? Do you want to feel healthier and more confident in your eating and exercise but don’t know how to do it?

Live It Daily Can Help!

We offer individualized wellness coaching grounded in proven nutrition and fitness principles. No fad diets. No additional supplements, pills or shakes to buy. No wacky workout routines.

Lifestyle Coaching Grounded in Proven Fitness & Nutrition Principles.

You will find freedom and clarity in healthy living with Live It Daily by creating a lifestyle based on nutrient-dense foods, enjoyable exercise, and quality sleep through healthy lifestyle habits.

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Accurate Nutrition and Fitness Principles

Research and proven health standards from widely trusted sources is curated and clarified by your certified Personal Trainer and certified Fitness Nutrition coach.

Clear, Actionable Plans Designed to Reach Your Goals

Every Individual is unique. We will spend the first 2-3 sessions simply getting to know you, your environment and your goals so we can meet you where you are and share practical strategies allowing you to implement positive habits and systems to find freedom in healthy living.

Intuitive Tools and Private Platforms to Stay Connected

When you select the monthly package, you can ask questions, enter and track your results and stay connected between coaching sessions through email, texts, chats on your private account on the Live It Daily client platform and daily reminders, hints and tips from the Live It Daily “10 M”. A daily motivational, directional or inspirational multi-media message that is 10 Minutes or less for you to enjoy at your convenience.